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Printed Smarties


Custom printed smarties and chocolate beans.

The Great Aussie Waffle Log

The Great Aussie Waffle Log recreates an iconic chocolate bar from the 80's with a blend of delicious smooth marshmallow inside a crispy wafer roll coated in creamy milk chocolate.


A range of letter and number chocolates.

Anatomy Chocolates

Chocolate body parts in single pieces or in gift boxes.

Animal & Insect Chocolates

Chocolates in animal and insect shapes chocolates.  Great for kids parties and themed events.

Australian Chocolates

Range of Australian themed chocolates including Australian icons and animals.

Build Your Own Chocolates

Build your own chocolate bar - choose your chocolate, add a flavour and add fillings to make your own chocolate creation.

Bulk Chocolates

Bulk packed chocolates - great for parties etc.

Business Chocolates

Chocolates with a business theme - ideal for any business promotion, product launch or event.

Choc Stix

Choc Stix are tubes of smarties in mixed colours or chocolate beans in specific colours with a custom printed header card.

Chocolate Cake Toppers

Chocolate Cake Toppers are a great alternative to or additon to candles on celebration cakes.

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